Pyrenees, Moonambel – April 2019

Pyrenees, Moonambel, Victoria, 13-22 April 2019

Leaders: Barb and Trevor B

Participants: Trevor and Julie, Iain and Emilee, Jenny and Barry, Greg and Maria, and visitor Dave.

Saturday, 13 April.
We were up and away quite early. Having been to Moonambel before, and camped at the Rec Reserve, we knew it would take most of the day. We arrived at about 4pm, and we were last. Having not too much seeing up to do, we joined Geoff and Andrew from the Geelong Club by their fire for drinks and nibbles (thanks Barb and Trevor). They had spent the last two days exploring the tracks ahead of their club Muster in June. After an easy dinner, we returned to the fire for stories of tracks and cars…..usual campfire talk. Barry was particularly interested in one track…called by numerous names: 200 Series Stuck in a Hole Track, Dave’s Secret Track, and the name Geelong uses, Morries’ Track.

Geoff arranged for info on the track to be sent to us in the next day or two. Looks like Barry will be leading that day. As it cooled down, we headed to bed quite early for a good night sleep.

Sunday, 14 April. Leaders today: Barb and Trevor
We woke to a lovely warm day. The Geelong boys were heading back home, and we were all ready for our first day of tracks. Trevor thought it would be good to ease into the tracks and start out to the lookout, then the Fire Tower for lunch to get a lay of the land.

At the lookout, we could see how difficult the summer had been. The farms were all very very dry, as was the bush we were driving through. We spent much of the day on Center Track, which divides the Range in two. We would be exploring each side over the next several days.

The West of England Fire Tower was a great lunch stop, with views in every direction, and even a loo for the girls. Thanks Trevor. Emilee was tasked with recording the highest point each day. Today – 620 meters.
We travelled many tracks… most notably Grumblers Track, although I didn’t hear any grumbling. Heading back to camp, we found some great wood on Teddingham Track for our campfire.

Getting back to camp about 4 it was time for drinks and nibbles….tonight hosted by Greg and Maria. Thank you.

Overall, it was a very good day. Emilee thought the best thing for the day was driving all the hills. And for me, the best thing was no car damage, and a lovely fire. Degree of Difficulty: 5/10.

Monday, 15 April. Happy Birthday Julie. Leaders today: Barb and Trevor again
Another lovely sunny day and some more challenging driving awaits us. Trevor had decided we would do Slate Quarry Track today. To get there, we had to negotiate Sardine Track.

To be continued…