Members participate in a variety of events ranging from social activities/weekends (including dinners, camp cooking weekends, quiz nights, and BBQs), training weekends through to longer treks, sometimes six  or more weeks in duration.

Visitors are encouraged to join in our Meet & Greet drives which provide an excellent way to meet club members and become familiar with our club.

Social activities

Club social events are essentially for club members and their families, but potential members who have visited our club may be invited to various events.

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet trips are run on a Sunday usually following a General Meeting. The drives are a good way for potential new members to meet members of the Club and enjoy a social occasion which incorporates a drive.

Club Trips

Members should make themselves familiar with the trip conditions and expectations before nominating for any particular trip.

To register for a trip you must attend a General Meeting and complete the Trip Registration Sheet (some trips are restricted to members only). Trip enquiries should be directed to the specific Trip Leader.

All Club trips are conducted in accordance with the Constitution and the By-Laws of the Club.

Keep checking the trips page for updates on the calendar of activities throughout the year.

Send in your trip report and share your experience with other members
When you have completed a trip or event, why not submit a report to the Editor for possible publication in our magazine.

Use this id to email the Editor