First Aid Checklist

There is limited medical and first aid support in the outback. The Royal Flying Doctor Service is usually the preferred option when serious injury or pain arises. In most other instances travellers should carry a suitable first aid kit and have the appropriate skills and knowledge to render help and assistance.

At our November 2017 meeting we had a visit from RFDS who provided us with this First Aid checklist as a starting point:

->> Waterproof & dust proof container to store the following:
->> Basic first aid manual (from Red Cross or St John Ambulance)
->> Antiseptic fluid (Betadine, Dettol or similar)
->> Antiseptic cream (Betadine or similar)
->> Panadol, Paracetamol (Panadeine Forte)
->> Eye drops, sterile eye patches
->> Assorted bandaids, strips/spots, wound closures, butterfly clips
->> Elastic or crepe bandages (for sprains and snake bite)
->> Sterile gauze bandages (50 mm & 75 mm)
->> Triangular bandages (to support limbs and hold dressings in place)
->> Adhesive tape (50mm x 2.5m), cotton wool, tissues, cotton buds
->> Scissors, safety pins, tweezers, splinter remover
->> Thermometer
->> Calamine lotion, Stingose or similar
->> Antihistamine tablets
->> Itch/skin relief cream (for itch, bites, minor burns)
->> Anti-diarrhoea tablets (Lomotil or Imodium)
->> Gastrolyte – to help rehydrate due to diarrhoea
->> Travel sickness tablets
->> Ear drops
->> Temporary tooth filling mix to replace lost fillings, broken teeth, lost caps
->> Nyal toothache drops
->> Burn cream
->> Cream/ointment for bruises and swelling due to injury
->> Strepsils or similar
->> Tweezers, splinter remover
->> Rubber pointed eye probe, eye wash
->> Cold & Flu tablets (non-drowsy)
->> Sunscreen
->> Deep Heat, Tiger Balm or muscle rub (for aches, sprains, muscle pains)
->> Disposable gloves
->> Betadine swabs
->> Prednisone tablets (25mg) for allergies
->> Personal (prescription) medication

These are not required but may be useful:
->> Penicillin or Amoxicillin (for infections)
->> Keflex or Achromycin (for infections)
->> Epipen

Courtesy  The Outback Way























Penicillin or Amoxicillin (for infections) *
Keflex or Achromycin (for infections) *
Prednisone tablets (25mg) for allergies
Personal (prescription) medication
























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