Port Lincoln – Essential Travel – May 2020

We had to make an essential travel trip to Port Lincoln on the weekend of 2-3 May. He’s a brief overview of our trip.

After receiving an early Saturday morning phone call, we were on the road to Port Lincoln by 3am. A couple of days prior, we had planned the road trip for the weekend, but the phone call meant we were awake, so we hit the road early. Driving at that time of the morning meant we had very little traffic. There were a few trucks on the road, and an occasional car but we made good time to Whyalla, before the roads got a little busier as the sun rose.

Arriving at Port Lincoln a little before 10am we spent the morning and early afternoon with family before checking into the Pt Lincoln Hotel. This was an easy process. I don’t think there were many guests. A sign on the elevator stated only 1 person was allowed to ride at a time, unless family members travelled together. The stairs may have been quicker, if there was a queue. As the dining room and all facilities were closed, we ordered breakfast and dinner, and these were delivered to our room.

A few cafes were doing takeaway orders but other than that, the main street was very quiet.

We’d checked out of the hotel by 10am on Sunday, and after a quick family visit, were on the road again by lunchtime, heading home. Traffic was a lot heavier on this trip. A lot of roadworks slowed us down between Pt Lincoln and Whyalla; and also along Port Wakefield Road, where we had to drop to 80km/hour – then slow to 60 – and then down to 40 – and not a road worker in sight. Don’t you hate that?

It’s really pleasing to see that our recent rains are widespread, and the countryside is looking quite green (probably a lot of weeds!). We make a couple of essential stops on the way home, and there’s a couple of photos we took on the way, below. We arrived home around 7pm, after refuelling. The cost for diesel to fill the tank again, was 95 cents/litre. Bonus!
On the news reports this morning, there’s talk that we may soon be encouraged to travel within our home state again. Can’t wait!

Carolyn Abbott