Australia Day Long Weekend 2019 – Moana

Moana 25-29 January 2019

Julie and Trevor Goldsmith decided to get away from it all at the Moana Caravan Park for the January Long Weekend. So they invited campers to join them, and by Saturday, there were 6 vehicles on site, including caravans, camper trailers and one tent!

The caravan park is very popular, being walking distance to a beautiful beach, so it was quite busy with family groups taking advantage of the last week of the school holidays. The facilities are well cared for, and there is a beautiful camp kitchen area that a few of us used. As we had an unpowered site, we were able to have a little more space near us, while the others had more neighbours …but were closer to the ablution block!

So, the campers had no schedule – other than to meet back for 5pm drinkies, which meant a great time to wind down some more! We had people driving through the beautiful McLaren Vale area, and most managed to get to the Menz shop, local coffee shops and the Artisan Settlers’ Distillery for some tastings too!

Several took advantage of the fantastic weather to walk, swim and sit on the beach, watching the glorious waves. I met a lovely local lady who carries a bag to collect litter as she walks, and she was happy to say the amount she finds on a daily basis has diminished over the years she has been doing it.

We ourselves drove down to Goolwa on the Monday, and had a very pleasant meal at Hectors on the wharf with the Carthews.

A couple of campers left on the Monday as they had commitments in Adelaide, and the rest of us made our leisurely way back Tuesday, after a thoroughly relaxing weekend.

Thank you to Julie and Trevor Goldsmith for organizing the trip.
Cecilia L