Butler’s Farm – 29 September – 1 October 2018

Butler’s Farm, near Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula

September 29 – October 1, 2018

Friday 28th
Most of the group arrived Friday throughout the day and a couple in the evening. The central fire pit had been lit and the cooking area was also ready for cooking dinner, mainly via camp ovens. Meals were consumed around the fire and enjoying each other’s company. Its was quite a cool night but with a couple of drinks and the fire it was quite a pleasant evening.

Saturday 29th
Ida and I, with our two granddaughters (Rachael & Ashleigh), went into Minlaton in the morning, and called into an interesting brick-a-brack shop called ‘Spogs Shed’ (our granddaughters called it a junk shop!) where
there were plenty of interesting bits’ n’ pieces’ but didn’t buy anything. We decided to go to the Bakery, as you do, for a coffee and a pastry where we saw a few of the group doing the same. We did a wander up and down the street before heading back to camp.

Colin Butler did a blacksmithing demonstration in the afternoon and made a horseshoe. He explained the process of measuring, heating and shaping the metal etc. It was really interesting.

In the evening we again had a meal around the fire with the children toasting marshmallows; some getting them a bit ‘burnt’!, but they all appeared to be having fun.

After dinner was finished and cleaned up, a few of us went up the road and watch a game of Polocrosse. The website describes Polocrosse as ‘Polocrosse advocates a unique display of horsemanship that combines the
athleticism of polo and the coordination of lacrosse into an action-packed game of skill, teamwork, and endurance.’ Ida and I were lucky enough to sit next to someone who’s daughter was playing and she explained the rules to us which made the experience more enjoyable. The game was an interclub game between the Blacks (black and white) and the Broncos (blue and white) so we were cheering Broncos. Unfortunately they lost! It was interesting to watch and appreciate the skill involved and only down side, it
was so cold.

Sunday 30th
Some took a drive out to the Bublacowie Military Museum and Memorial. There was a lot to look at and

read, quite an interesting place. The owner was also an interesting character and showed us around, explaining what we looking at. Upon leaving the Museum, we went for a drive to Port Turton then onto Hardwicke Bay, via the beach. We stopped on the beach whilst some dipped their toes in the water and others just enjoyed being there, as it was great weather.

In the afternoon Colin showed his Clydesdales and what he had trained them to do. He allowed the young, and not so young, children to have a ride which all the children seemed to enjoy.

After dark we wandered off down the track where we came into the camping area and a bonfire was lit, which was quite warm!

Monday 1st
A few members had to leave on Monday morning and some of those that stayed went for a drive after lunch to Port Rickaby (for an ice cream) then we travelled up a track know as the Humpty Doo’s which my granddaughters enjoyed – except they weren’t too happy with Ida avoiding the bigger dips! We called into a few spots along the way, including the Bluff, where the remains of divots could be seen ,which were used in
the earlier days to hoist the boats out of the water.

Earlier, it has been suggested by Les and Eileen, that we go out to the Pub for dinner. Unfortunately neither the Minlaton or Yorketown pubs had their dining rooms open so we had to book into the Port Vincent Hotel;
not too bad as it was only a half hour drive.

Tuesday 2nd
The rest of us departed and left Les and Eileen in peace!
A big thank you to Colin for, once again, allowing us to camp on the property, and to Les and Eileen for organising the trip and outings for us all, which I’m sure everyone appreciated and enjoyed. Likewise, to the following members and Butler family who attended and made it a very enjoyable weekend.

  • Greg and Tania, daughter Aimee and boyfriend Clyde
  • Stephen and Angie
  • Jim and Michelle with daughter, Laura
  • Jim and Lea, and Lea’s sister, Susie
  • Steve and Deborah
  • Geoff and Sue and family members: granddaughter, Hannah & daughter, Rachel and her children Sebastian and Mikala, Claire (daughter in law), and children Hamish and Liam
  • Tim and Sharlene with daughter, Tamsin, and son, Lachlan
  • Martin and Lyn and Monty (their dog)
  • Alan and Cecilia
  • Steve and Val
  • Grant and his parents, Bob and Ivy
  • Ken and family, Blake and Brooke
  • Terry H
  • Iain and daughter, Emilee