Cherry Picking – December 2015

The cherry picking day planned for 2014 was cancelled as there were no cherries to be had due to poor weather conditions.
2015 however was a good season so the trip was confirmed.
The drive was held on Sunday 20th December and if you can recall that weekend the day before the temperature was up around the 40 degree mark but a change was predicted overnight and we awoke to cooler conditions and rain!
The rain prompted some enquiries as to whether or not the trip would go ahead …..and then I added some more confusion by going to the wrong meeting spot – oops! Luckily the correct meeting spot was just five minutes away so I got there, gave a quick briefing and we were off in time for the 9:30am departure!
It was a pleasant drive up through the Hills and the rain eased off. When we arrived at the Farm we found the conditions were perfect so we all grabbed our buckets and went off picking.
The Cherries were great – Ida and I picked 8 kilos at a cost of $32.00, pretty cheap, $4 a kilo!
Most had picked what they required by around lunchtime so Rob & Marcia invited us back to their home for a cuppa and to eat our lunch which was graciously accepted.
One hiccup – one party was still out in the field so a few of us waited and chatted until he arrived back before we headed off to Rob & Marcia’s.
A pleasant relaxing afternoon was had by all.
Thanks to Rob and Marcia for the offer and to all the others who attended the event being Margaret & Greg (plus friends), Les & Eileen, Rick & Xiaodi, Peter & Lynn, Rose, Trevor & Barbara, Rob & Marcia and Kerry.
Gordon & Ida