Coffin Bay May 2016 – Report 1

After an uneventful trip over , Getting into Coffin’s early on Friday  the weather was looking very pleasant, how things can and will change.

Peter & Lynn rolled in mid Arvo and then Wally Later.

Saturday arrived and was very warm with a Northerly Breeze, after a phone call to a friend in Lincoln everything was about to change, Stuart, Rose, John & Bradley arrived, late Arvo with Steve Debbie, Andrew & Liam arriving shortly after.

With a storm brewing with strong overnight winds and rain starting to fall Peter & Lynn pulled out, Les & Eileen arrived so we started out to the National Park, the Track started out without problems only a few large puddles just before the Beach, The Beach however was another story, with recent storms seaweed was heaped up on shore, and with a strong northerly pushing up the water there was not much Beach to drive on. Within the first kilometre the beach had its first victim,  Les & Eileen bogged in saltwater on seaweed not a
good situation. After a prolonged recovery Steve had them out, but for how long?

Being at the front of the pack it was difficult to understand what was happening behind me, apart from the chatter on the radio “Stop Wally’s lost his Trailer” !then Les is bogged again “unable to see around corners and near the end of the beach run, I got off the beach to hard ground followed by Stuart & Rose, shortly after Wally arrived, we found out he lost his hitch pin and was using John’s, then we heard over the radio Les was stuck again and recovery
was a problem, resulting in Les losing 3 Max Trax and now the tide was almost in with no escape on the beach.
Stuart, Wally & I walked back approx. 1 km to find John, Les and Steve’s cars parked on a strange angle trying to avoid the  encroaching sea. The only protection was a bank of seaweed
to stop the breakers


The decision was made that Stuart, Wally and I would head to camp and set up then return to see what we could do. 2-3hrs passed and I started driving back when I heard Eileen over the air, they were out and heading to camp.

Everyone set up and finally we were together again around the fire. Stories abound over the beach incident with Les having in excess of 2hrs footage – his report will be memorable!

Next day was a cracker, warm & sunny with a mild wind, this was not to last! Tuesday more Rain with the wind starting to pick up but Fishing was good!

CoffinBay_May2016_3   CoffinBay_May2016_4

Some time overnight Steve had an accident which required Medical attention and he decided that they would head back to Lincoln.

This didn’t happen as he could not get off the Beach due to the seaweed so he returned to camp and managed as best he could.

The rest of the week saw more rain and wind briefly interrupted by the sun. Thursday night the Heavens opened and the wind did its best to turn Les’s Foxwing awning into a kite, destroying it in the process.

Friday was to be our last night but with the weather improving Saturday it was agreed that we would stay until Saturday morning to return to civilisation. With the Fishing Comp completed and Andrew winning with a 3.8Kilo Salmon, thanks to Kym White from Binks
Marine West Beach for donating the Rod & Reel Combo.

Saturday Morning was much better with clear Skies and no Wind the Beach was wide & hard, until the last kilometre where all the seaweed was heaped up an awkward course was negotiated with nobody getting stuck, off the Beach and onto the area where there
was puddles on the way in. Now there was large areas of water that resulted in low speed negotiating the unseen potholes, these  “Puddles” were at times 100+ metres and 400-
500mm DEEP.


Slow going we were finally out to air up again. While doing so I was talking to the Ranger and he said we had between 30-35mls over the past week!

We all made our way to the Beach Comber in Coffins and said our goodbyes and made our own way back home.

Many thanks to all those who participated.
Stuart & Rose 100 Series,  John & Bradley 80 Series,  Steve, Debbie Andrew & Liam 100 Series,  Wally Ford Ranger,  Les & Eileen Prado
Peter & Lyn Prado (Bailed out due to poor Health)     and finally myself with Barry P & Malcolm in the Maverick.

At home end result was the wettest May for 37 years