High Country 2015 – A poem

Earlier this year I was asked to lead a group on a high country trip, I  (Norm) didn’t need asking twice. They were largely a group from the  Masonic Lodge. We have just returned from that trip which was in caravans and campers based at Dargo and Omeo. We travelled old favourites like Billy Goat Bluff, Blue Rag Ridge, Eaglevale, Grant Historic Area, and the Haunted Stream as well as spots like
Harrisons Cut and Dogs Grave. All drivers and vehicles performed extremely well and we had no incidents.
Faye, one of the ladies on the trip composed the poem below.

Norm had a dream and gathered his team
Four Toyota’s and a Nissan and a Land Rover on a mission
It’s to Dargo we’ll go they said there’s no snow
Uphill and down dale then it started to hail
It caused a few shocks when we drove over rocks
Billy Goat Bluff was a little bit rough
We all shouted enough as the going got tough
The mud was quite deep then into the creek
Harry Smith was asleep so we just took a peep
The deer hunters hut was anything but
A five star hotel with a very strange smell
At the Dargo Pub we ate plenty of grub
And with all of our peers we downed a few beers
On to Omeo we did go with vans and campers in tow
The kookaburras were laughing as we manoeuvred our parking
At Swifts Creek we did eat it was a nice treat
And the haunted stream became just a dream
Rain, dust, rocks and fog it was a hard slog
River crossings’ were a tease but we did them with ease
We had Trev at the back who kept us on track
And we never did tire of a jolly good fire
Thank you for the trip we sure let it rip
Great company everyone we had lots of fun.

Faye (Member of the Adventurers 4WD Club)