Individual Savoury Mince Parcels

This super easy camping recipe can be cooked on the BBQ or    use a skillet on the camp stove.

  • Heavy duty aluminium foil
  • Dry soup mix (Like Maggie’s or Continental) – Use 1 pkt per kilo of mince meat
  • Hamburger mince (or diced chicken, or beef cubes)
  • Diced or sliced potatoes (frozen is fine)
  • Frozen peas and frozen corn
  • Butter or margarine

Divide all the ingredients into the following, per camper:

100 grams hamburger mince 1 cup potatoes

1/3 cup frozen peas 1/3 cup frozen corn

1-2 tablespoons margarine/butter Salt and pepper to taste

Set each meal wrapped in foil right in the coals on the grill; or in the skillet if you are using a camp stove.

Cook for approximately 30 minutes. Let them sit for 2-3 minutes after taking them off the heat to avoid steam burns.