Marne River March 2016

Marne River Long Weekend, 11-14 March 2016
Lynne and I arrived at the campsite near the mouth of the Marne river, John, Samantha and Bradley with his friend Liam were there and already set up. We opened the caravan and set up our camp. Fargo and Lynne then Stuart arrived and set up their camps. Harry, Pam, Pam’s son Brent and his daughter Tiara and son Jayden arrived on Saturday Morning.

Friday afternoon we put the shrimp pots in the shallow water at the bank of the Mighty Murray, Baited our fishing rods and waited for the bait to dissolve off the hooks as there did not seen to be any fish to be caught. Bradley was the only person to catch any fish (see
photo). After getting snagged and losing our bottoms the fishing was abandoned. We had a relaxing afternoon sitting by the river watching the boats go by. The day was quite hot so the
coolest place was by the river.

MarneRiver2016_2 MarneRiver2016_3
Bradley and Liam caught some yabbies, shrimp and very small fish.
John, Sam and Stuart went for a drive to look at alternative camping areas for future trips. Tea varied from Pizza from the Baby Webber, Roast pork and vegetables from the camp oven and steak and salad. After tea we had a great evening and a few drinks around a beautiful
campfire. We sang Happy birthday to John.


We had a late start, the weather was beautiful again, it was sunny with a slight breeze so we relaxed by the river. Harry and Pam brought their canoes with them, they were launched in the Marne and Pam and the Grandchildren paddled in the Marne and the Murray.


What a great lazy weekend. Some of the group went to Walkers Flat to have a swim as there was not enough water where we were camped, there was about 30m of shallow water and soft mud before it was deep enough. John discovered that the Walkers Flat store made great big hamburgers. Tea was cooked on the campfire by some, in the caravans by others. Another great night by the fire before retiring for the night.
Monday morning we had a leisurely breakfast , packed up the Caravan and left for home. Lynne and I stopped at Mount Pleasant Bakery for lunch, they have an excellent variety of both sweet and savoury food. What a great relaxing weekend,
Peter and Lynne