Peake – 3-4 June 2017

Peake – 3rd – 4th June 2017

Our little band met at the Peake Post Office at 0930 as planned and made our way up to the property. With only 5 vehicles  (poor Peter and Elaine we found out later had vehicles issues), it would make for an intimate weekend.
Saturday we spent the day parading around the usual sand hills and had just crossed the side slope when Harry and Pam reported issues. Seemed the transfer case was making strange sounds when in 4WD. Harry retired to ponder the noise while Pam started looking for a new car. Later that afternoon Harry mentioned traction control and bingo, noise gone. We had the same issue with a few vehicles at the last Peake trip also. The manufacturers have differing viewpoints on how and when to engage or disengage traction controls. Basically though the driver needs to check it is turned OFF when in low range and in sand when you require max momentum, at other times its fine. A trap for young and old it would seem.

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the strange object show and tell. Quite a laugh, ask Barry about his 6 stick (said with a New Zealand accent) and the girls seemed to think that Viv had a bigger one than they had ever seen before.
Sunday Ida and Gordon managed some training assessing with Harry and Barry and myself. I would like to thank Gordon and Ida for their tolerance and kind comments regarding the training.

The session highlighted that once you have been trained it is up to you to practice , practice, practice if you want to become fluent in many of the skills that are being passed on. Also highlighted was the fact that there is always something new to pick up along the way.
After lunch I went for a drive with Viv and Pam dragged Harry round for another spin before we packed up and headed home late in the afternoon. More lessons were on the way however. Who knew that you had to put the pin in the tow hitch if you didn’t want it to drop on the road. Viv made a very cold trip home with her window down, a plastic bag shut in the door to ward off the elements. Once home I turned on her window again and closed it – whoops – is that what that little button does.
Get on the list for the next two weekends at Peake and Morgan, I’m sure there will be more laughs along the way.

Mark W