Peake April 2015

Viv and I enjoyed a leisurely drive up the freeway to Peake on Friday morning, the enjoyment much enhanced by the fact that I was not overtaken by anyone on a pushbike as usually happens. The amazing feat was accomplished by having a working turbo in the engine bay, something we have missed for quite a while, sure would have made the High Country an easier trip.

The weather threatened to put a damper on proceedings, but not on the spirits of the brave souls who turned up with Les/Eileen on Saturday morning. Thanks for that Les, I got a full fried breakfast and brewed coffee.

It was a fun weekend which allowed everyone to try out the bits and pieces they have had fitted for upcoming trips. So there was some winching and digging and max tracking up/down the hills.

Our new visitors seemed to enjoy themselves. Even if for Rick it was a bit daunting being his first time doing everything that entails a weekend at Peake, including learning why many vehicles have dual battery systems fitted. Thanks to Jim this was sorted on Sunday morning and away they went. Gary and Fluer fitted in just fine, reminiscent of “drive it like its stolen”. It gave me a chance to see the difference between my new turbo unit and the old one, I must say I like it.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who got into the spirit of the Crazy Hat Happy Hour. Initially I didn’t think there were too many vested in the idea, that was proven very wrong as all manner of weird and wonderful hats appeared at drinks time. Thanks Guys.
All in all just a fun weekend, and the weather didn’t spoil it a bit.

The winner


The Wanna Bees
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