Peake Weekend – 30-31 May 2020

Welcome Back

The slight easing of the COVID-19 restrictions enabled the Club to run the scheduled Peake Weekend. To ensure we adhered to social distancing and gathering rules, a limit of 10 members and 5 vehicles was enforced.

The weather on Friday was perfect for the drive from Adelaide – sunny, calm and warm. Peter and Lynne with Mishka, and the two Jims arrived about 4pm and proceeded to set up and ready the fire near the shed for what was going to be quite a cool night. Both Jims were christening their RV tents, purchased recently to use on the Border Track trip, which was of course cancelled.

Steve and Maria arrived about 8am Saturday morning after leaving home later than expected and spending Friday night camped next to the Peake Memorial Hall! New member, Quintin, was met at the Peake Post Office at 9.00am by Big Jim and guided into camp.

Following introductions Peter was nominated to lead us for a drive across the rocks to the side slopes and some of the tracks among the sand hills – 3 Toyotas and 2 Nissan Patrols – while Lynne and Maria stayed around camp and took Mishka for a walk. Peter was keen to test his new 200 Series and Steve wanted to see how his relatively new 79 series handled the tracks.

We played in the sand for a while, negotiating the side slopes several times, up and over tight, sandy tracks and practising our reversing skills when not successful. All the time the wind was increasingly whipping the sand up, which would then find its way in through an open window or door.

Early lunch was called so we headed back to camp. The Jims took the opportunity to pull their tents down before being damaged or blown away. As it was, Big Jim faced a bent bar in his new tent, which he temporarily fixed using a broom stick. Quintin moved his swag into the relative safety of the shed.

In the afternoon we checked out the sand on the other side of camp. Hill 7 looked particularly difficult, with the wind carving sharp peaks, making it impossible to attempt. Other hills and tracks were more friendly and we enjoyed the challenges with help and advice from Peter. We called happy hour at about 4pm and headed back to camp.

The wind had finally abated sufficiently to allow the Jims to re-erect their tents for the night. Lynne and Maria already had a nice fire going as we gathered in the shed for nibbles and drinks, dinner and more drinks as it tried to rain.

Sunday morning and the bad weather had passed. Steve and Maria packed up early and headed home. Lynne was keeping Mishka amused while we ran out my winch and used Quintin’s Patrol to test the load. Peter also ran through the recovery gear generally required to be carried. After morning tea we drove some of the tracks again until lunch time, when it was back to camp to pack up and head home.

Thanks to Big Jim for being the trip leader, to Peter for leading the group so we didn’t get lost and providing invaluable advice, and to everyone else for making it a good fun weekend. Particular thanks to Quintin for attending his first club outing and having a go at the all the challenges that Peake throws at you.

Jim Crosby