Peake September 2015

People at the Peake Weekend in order of arrival were, Mark and Viv, Peter (and his little son Mike), Steve and Maria, Ewen and Dee,
Peter P, Trevor and Sandra and Harry and Pam . Seven vehicles in total.

Some of the group arrived at Peake on Friday, the rest on Saturday. Trip leader was Ewen.

The weather for the weekend was sunny and just perfect for being out and about. The slopes were quite firm with soft spots right on top, which made it a bit tricky or some may say, challenging.

On Saturday morning after setup and the usual safety discussions, we went for a drive on the side slopes and some of the hills, with Mark and Viv leading. Ewen suggested practice with Max tracks. Mark obliged by getting his car bogged in the sand. After several attempts the car was successfully stuck. It is quite funny that when you try to get your car stuck you can’t but, when you try not to, you do!

Afternoon was another drive that ended up near hill 7. Of course nearly everyone had to have a go to get over Hill 7! Most of the afternoon was spent trying to conquer Hill 7 with success for some. At one point, Steve got stuck nearly at the top and the good old max tracks came out for the real deal. Unfortunately they couldn’t get the vehicle out, so Peter P drove up the other
side of Hill 7 and towed Steve’s vehicle out.

Happy hour was very pleasant, with a fire and the owners of the property Darryl and Dion and their two dogs Sid and Bert joining us as well.

Sunday morning was another lovely Spring Day. This time Steve was leading and we went to places we hadn’t been before, and then through some of the previous day’s hills. It was fun going on a mystery drive until it was pointed out that we were heading away from camp.

After turning 180 degrees we reached camp and prepared for a demonstration of the high lift jack by Harry.  Although the high lift jack can be dangerous and is heavy, it is quite a useful tool if used
properly. Harry and Peter demonstrated how it can be used to pull a vehicle out when you can’t or haven’t another vehicle to use.

A big thankyou to Mark as Trainer, Ewen for Trip leader and Harry and Peter P for their demonstration and all the people who were there to learn, to practice and to have fun and keep the Peake experience going!


TripReport_Peake_Sept2015_Pic1 TripReport_Peake_Sept2015_Pic2  TripReport_Peake_Sept2015_Pic3

Mike making his own sandhills                              The Max Tracks practice                                        A narrow descent

TripReport_Peake_Sept2015_Pic4  TripReport_Peake_Sept2015_Pic5  TripReport_Peake_Sept2015_Pic6
The Group                                                                    Hill Climb practice                                                       Hill 7

TripReport_Peake_Sept2015_Pic7  TripReport_Peake_Sept2015_Pic8  TripReport_Peake_Sept2015_Pic9
Max Tracks – the real thing!!!                                  Hill 7 tow                                                                       Hi Lift Jack Demonstration

Everyone having a go