Social Drive, Verdun, 17 October 2020

Gavin and Caroline S were the trip organisers.

On the morning of Saturday 17th of October, a large group of our club members drove to Woodside in the Adelaide hills where we all met up between 9:30 and 10:30 am at the Melba’s Chocolate Factory. We all spent quite a while checking out the many different chocolate and lolly treats and souvenirs there.

Most of our club members couldn’t resist the temptation to buy some of the delicious confectionary. Some people spent the majority of their time at the chocolate factory while others also checked out the Cheese Wrights cheese shop and the Chesterfield Whiskey Firm next door. We finally left with our wallets a bit lighter and drove along a 30km scenic route to Verdun.

We came across a car rally in progress but our timing was great and after negotiating through that, we were able to continue on our planned route leaving the road behind for the rally cars!

Our drive ended at the very popular Stanley Bridge Hotel in Verdun where we all enjoyed a delicious long lunch together in a lovely, cosily heated dining room. After lunch we sat and chatted before finally saying goodbye around 4pm and headed off in different directions for the drive home. Everyone appeared to thoroughly enjoy their day judging by the volume of the chatting and laughing over lunch.

A big thank you to Gavin and Caroline for all their planning and organising of such a successful social event.