Webb Beach – May 2015

The morning of 3 May 2015 promised many things. A pleasant  Sunday morning started with the glorious sight of mist and low clouds hanging delicately over the eastern hills. Dew kissed the trees and grass of Greenwith with the hope of a sunny
day ahead.

Three cars met at the carpark of Chen Zo’s Italian Restaurant in Greenwith. John and Sam with Caitlin, Bradley and Trooper,
Wal and Kerry and Ewen and Dee with Kula and Yuki. While Trooper, Kula and Yuki got to know each other with much yapping, and sniffing of butts, the others got on with filling in the compulsory paperwork, part of which was a Trip Quiz of brain-bending puzzles to help add to the excitement of the morning’s drive ahead.

As we wound our way through the Adelaide Hills along Seaview Drive and Range Road, we got up close and personal with those low clouds. Recent rains meant that the grassy, rolling hills were lush and green, but the stark black tree trunks bore witness to the fires which devastated these parts around Kersbrook a few months

Even though the regrowth was evident and those black trunks sprouted with lovely young green shoots, there was abundant evidence of the clearing and maintenance work that has been done by these land owners to clean up their properties. As we passed the “Mt Crawford Forest -No fires Allowed” sign, I wondered if anyone told (or expected) old mother-nature to take heed.

In the shadow of Mount Crawford, we stopped briefly at the ruins of the Old Mount Crawford Presbyterian Church and Cemetery. This little spot is skirted by the wonderful forest and is a peaceful
place to be laid to rest for the people of the Mount Crawford area. It keeps the memories of many old diggers from WW1, and tells the story of its residents, and is still being used as a cemetery today.

Morning tea found us at Lyndoch Bakery gazing over the glistening grape vines of the Barossa Valley. The clouds were still lingering, but parted to reveal the shining sun on several occasions. After a stop to stretch our legs, and fill our bellies, we set off again to the West and the inviting sands of Webb Beach.

The tide was out and the shallow mud flats stretched out a few kilometres to Gulf St Vincent. While most enjoyed the extensive sand flats of the coast, Yuki and Kula decided to see if they could chase the birds across the mud flats half way to Ardrossan! They nearly made it! Back on shore, Trooper played in the seaweed and we all enjoyed a friendly lunch and good company. The rain stayed away, thankfully, and our happy family outing was enjoyed by all.

For those keeping score, Kerry won the Trip Quiz (we think) getting around 12 out of 16, closely followed by Caitlin.

Ewen & Dee