Maintaining Recovery Straps

The following also relates to equalising straps, tree protectors and winch extension straps.

Sand and other debris can work its way into the weave of recovery straps and cut the fibres.

To ensure that the straps don’t break under the strain of a recovery and to increase their life they must be washed and examined after each recovery.

After using any of your recovery straps wash them in warm water with a mild soap such as Wool wash, rinse well and then hang them, out of the sun, to dry. Sunlight breaks down the material the straps are made from.

After they have dried check them for damage then roll them without any kinks and store them in canvas bags.

Damaged straps are dangerous!

If the straps show any signs of damage in the way of broken/cut strands and dirt embedded in the weave then they must be replaced. Dispose of them and buy new ones.

Recovery (snatch) straps should be replaced after about ten recoveriesas they lose their elasticity and do not work properly.