Madigan Line (Simpson Desert) – July – August 2016

Madigan Line (Simpson Desert) – July – August 2016

About the trip:
Located in the northern Simpson Desert region, is a line of survey  marks crossing the desert. The trip will be around 6 weeks, depending on route taken and places included. The current (rough) plan is to head up past the bottom of Lake Frome and across to Marree then on to Coober Pedy via William creek and the  Cadibarrawirracanna water hole. From Coober up through the Painted desert area to Mount Dare, refuel and supply, then to Andado and north to the start of the Madigan line.
Cross the desert following the track/survey points (camps) and cut back down to Birdsville and home through the Cordillo Downs area. OR
There is a second option in mind, which includes campers, leaving them at Mt Dare. Doing a double crossing of the desert (nth then sth) picking up the campers and heading up to the east side of Alice.
Either way the trip will be somewhere between 4 and 6 thousand kilometres, depending on sightseeing and route.
It is also possible for people to join the trip just for the Madigan line or at some other point.
The desert portion (or the whole trip) involves quite a bit of  camping, and I would suggest you need to be fairly well setup. There will be some meetings prior to the trip to nut out the finer details and finalize a route.

Vehicles:  Max 6; will need to be well setup and self-sufficient, again I would suggest that your set up be well tested before the trip, not the day before.

First Meeting: 7th November 2015
Where:  Marks House for social afternoon and BBQ

Accommodation: Swag/Tent, Cabin, Hotel, Motel

Fuel: Must carry enough for 1000km range

Cost: approx. $5000 (Depends on fuel consumption and repairs)

Restrictions: Pets, Firearms, Generators

Note: Vehicles must be totally self sufficient & equipped for remote travel

Trip Leader: Mark W