4wd Association


Four Wheel Drive SA – ‘The Association’

The South Australian Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (Four Wheel Drive SA) is the premier four wheel drive authority in South Australia. Four Wheel Drive SA is a member of Four Wheel Drive Australia, the National body for four wheel driving.

Four Wheel Drive SA was established by like-minded clubs to represent the interests of recreational four wheel drivers in South Australia.

The Overland Club has representatives elected each year to represent and vote on issues on behalf of the club at the State level.

Four Wheel Drive SA has a number of internal “units” that are charged with specific responsibilities relating to the objects of the Association and it’s clubs.

The Natural Resources Advisory Unit (NRAU) sets the policy and direction of the association regarding matters pertaining to environment and land access.

Friends of Parks. The Association, as a member of “Friends of All Parks”, is involved in “hands on” conservation, revegetation and clean-up projects.

The Club Support Unit (CSU)  is in the process of being established to support member clubs – more information to come.

Each of these units seek to further the ethics of four wheel driving within the community by close involvement with government bodies, local councils, land owners and like associations.

The Association website can be viewed by using the link from our “other links” page.