Butler’s Farm – 2017

Butler’s Farm, via Minlaton

30 September – 2 October 2017

We travelled over to the farm a week before to attend the YP Field days at Paskeville. The farm machinery seems to get bigger every time.

Our first visitors arrived while we were in Minlaton on Friday, with the balance arriving Saturday. With the club flag flying at the farm gate no one got lost. A very late arrival turned up on Sunday, at midday.

Saturday was a very quiet day with the Crows playing in the AFL Grand Final. With a couple of TV’s we were able to watch the game. The weather was cool but fine.

That night we all gathered around th


e camp fire to watch Greg’s (our son) magic fire show. I’m afraid if you weren’t there, you won’t know the secret!


As Colin was away for the weekend we had do some of the farm chores; feed the chooks, collect the eggs and feed Bell, the sheep dog. I had plenty of help with all the kids in attendance! Every time we walked down the track, the horses had to come to the fence for a pat.

Grant Reid brought over a couple of blue tongue lizards to relocate, but first the kids had to have a hold.



Rick has to take the award for packing, as he arrived with 6 in the Pathfi


nder, plus his camping gear and he managed to fit it all in the car to go home!

As Sunday saw the commencement of daylight savings time, things were a little slow around the camp. The Reid’s went to Pt Rickaby again, squiding. The Thompson’s did a beach run. The rest of us did a drive. It’s a bit like ‘I’ve been everywhere’: Minlaton to see Captain Harry Butler (Great Uncle), past the old barley stacks at Minlaton, Port Minlacowie (Spencer Gulf), Hardwicke Bay; on to the beach for a drive to Point Turton; a stop for toilet and coffee; we turned east to Warooka, a dirt road through the Peesey to Mozzie Flat, where we stopped for lunch. Back on the road to Port Moorowie; to the light house; past the Wattle Point wind farm, stopping at Edithburgh for ice cream. On to Coobowie, Port Giles (deep sea grain port); Wool Bat to Stansbury (Gulf St Vin-cent); back to Minlaton, and return to camp!


Sunday night was Bon Fire Night. Once it was dark we all went up the track to the pile of cuttings. Les tried some magic to get the fire alight but the thunder clouds would not come close enough… so we had to use a match!


Monday was pack up day for those that had to get back to Adelaide. As it was a rest weekend, one of our members took advantage of this and tried out one of the hammocks.

A total of 31, including kids, attended the Butler’s weekend.
Thanks for coming. We hope you enjoyed yourselves.
Les & Eileen