Christmas Social Weekend – Caurnamont -24-25 November 2018

2018 Overland 4WD Club Christmas Social Weekend

Caurnamont – 24-25 November 2018                   

Friday arrivals: Mark and Carolyn A with Tilly, Mark and Viv, Deb and Bruce, Peter and Elaine, Steve and Maria, Les and Eileen with Penny, Lea and Jim, Kerry and Wal.

Saturday arrivals: Steve and Val, Greg and Maria, Peter P and Lynne with Mishka, Pam and Harry.

 Friday arrivals were pleasantly surprised to come across this little oasis of green reserve on a backwater of the River Murray. With everyone arriving at different times of the day, it was a nice, relaxing social catch up as each couple arrived and set up camp. Mark W quickly threw out two fishing lines and caught a couple of carp. Not to be outdone, Mark A had a go and caught a carp quite quickly, too. By mid afternoon everyone had joined together for a pleasant group chat and a drink or two, sitting in the warmth of the sun.

The wind died down at dinner time and everyone dispersed to have something to eat before regrouping around a small campfire. It was a beautiful clear night; the moon was almost full, bright orange and very bright. Most ventured off to bed at around 10pm.

Saturday morning was warm and cloudy. It was a slow start for some. The fishing lines were thrown in early and Kerry and Les went kayaking. Both ventured out on the lagoon, paddling in different directions. Neither of them were able to locate the feed-in channel for the lagoon; and they didn’t find any spot deeper than 1.2m. Meeting each other on the other side of the lagoon they decided to contribute to ‘Clean up Australia’ and returned with a large plastic drum that was washed up in the reeds. This became a handy rubbish bin for the evening.

A pleasant few hours were spent relaxing. Some of the ladies went for a walk. Meanwhile most of us chipped in to help with preparations for the Christmas dinner. Gazebos went up and webers were lit.

We all did our best to wear out Tilly by constantly throwing the ball and the Frisbee but, despite our best efforts, she was still full of beans at the days end and the ‘throwers’ were worn out! Kelpies just don’t seem to have an “off” button! Mishka tried to keep up but, after playing in the mud and then jumping on the bed, she was in Lynne’s bad books and was grounded. Penny, as usual, didn’t stray too far from mum.

At 2pm it was panic stations when Mark checked the weather to find rain was heading our way, so up went the walls to the gazebos to protect us from the potential downpour.

Drinks and nibbles commenced about 5.30pm and the weather was quite lovely. It wasn’t long before Peter had cut all the meat and it was time for dinner. A long table was set up, and all 24 guests ate a magnificent spread of roast meat and salad, followed by dessert. As the meal was cleared away, and tables organised for some fun, it started to drizzle – and got heavier as the night went on.

Quizmaster, Peter, ran a fun quiz night, where questions were based on a variety of subjects, and ranged from hard to very hard! The night concluded as the rain started to leak through roof of the gazebos, about 10pm.

Sunday morning dawned fine and clear. It was going to be a beautiful day. Some of us were departing and other lucky ones were staying longer.

The weekend was enjoyed by all of us and it was a fantastic effort by the committee to organise this event. Special thanks go to Elaine and Peter for organising the weekend and entertainment. Thank you for all of us (especially Tilly – who had a ball!)

Carolyn and Kerry; Photos supplied by Maria, with thanks.