Members projects and activities during COVID-19 Isolation

Jim and I went up to Anstey Hill Recreation Park this
morning (26 April). So many people walking, dog walking
and cycling! Jim was repairing the old, cracked water trough.
Lea and Jim Crosby
Late last year we had a fibreglass pool removed from our back yard… Kids all grown up and no longer using it – so got rid of it!
So during ISO Jim and I have built a new veggie patch…
Jim is the builder and I am the gardener (I am channelling Grant Reid’s gardening ability… and hope some of his success rubs off onto mine). It’s early days but heaps of fun and it gets me outdoors safely. Michele Corbett
Who said you can’t go camping while social isolating?!
Val and Steve Plowman

Our esteemed editor has asked members to relate tales of how they have passed time during the lock down. Well, here is one of my activities. I spent a day with Barbie (x3), Skipper, Ken, Alan and Brad.

Let me go back to the beginning. When the Federal government announced that we would all be confined to base camp I thought, “ Well, there’s no more putting it off now.” Time to go through the house cupboards and have a serious clean up and throw out. I also decided that if I was to do this I would not move onto another room until I had finished the one I was currently in.

So I started in the back room thinking this would be easy. All the camping gear was already tidy and clean so just inventory the first aid kit and vacuum under the furniture – and it should be done. Wait – better check inside the blanket box. I opened the lid; strewth, I had forgotten what was in here… all the daughters Barbie dolls and paraphernalia. Well, it’s no good making promises if you are going to break them at the first hurdle!

To cut a long story short, Barbie and her entourage now have clean and repaired outfits; matching shoes; the car has been cleaned; the campervan has had the beds made up; the wardrobe, table and chairs (that Wal made) have been lacquered. Everything and everyone has been cleaned sorted and bagged.

So, in a few years time we shall pass them to the next generation who will do what all children do with dolls – rip their clothes off, use the car as a dump truck, leave them out in the rain etc, but I will not complain for they will be playing with them and, if the toys survive it will be the next grandma who cleans them.

So, now onto the next room to sort out – but I will leave the photographs until last. There is one area I won’t be touching- Wal’s shed. I don’t organise the shed and he doesn’t organise my craft room!

What have you been doing? Maybe you fixed that rattling window or sorted your sockets out? I can’t wait to hear what you have been doing to fill your days in lockdown. Kerry