Overland 4WD Club – Poem by Jeff Cook

Some people got together about 40 years ago
and started chatting volubly about many things they know
about 4wd and camping, and things that they had seen
and comparing many features of the places they had been

They talked about the drongoes who had buggered up some scrub
and some who’d ripped up sand dunes, then headed for the pub
so they decided to raise the standards of the public’s 4wd perception
and that’s what sewed the seed that was the Landroving Club’s conception

To preserve nature was a major aim of the club right from the start
and show the way to renegades so that they may play a part
and to organise some outings where they’d do things by the book
While yarning ‘round the campfire, and leaving someone else to cook

There was friendly rivalry (and there still is) about which was the best model
some couldn’t handle deep mud or sand, which for others was a doddle
Some loved small motor economy, while others went for power
and they sported cb and uhf and would chat hour after hour

Their camps and rigs were Spartan, but things have changed nowdays
No longer just snags on the coals, they now have roast or braise
The older ones have seen the lot, and they have lots of tales to tell
Camper trailers worth more than a house and a proper loo as well

They’ve done the Simpson Desert, and the Oodnadatta Track
they’ve camped out by the “Dig” tree and crossed the great outback
They’ve barbecued goanna, emu, camel and kangaroo
and it’s a close-kept secret just what’s in that meaty stew

They’ve been stuck half up a mountain, and crossed miles of rugged rocks,
Seen the full length of the Murray, plus it’s creeks and swamps and locks
They’ve invaded the Pink Roadhouse and encircled Uluru
And when they’re in a convoy there’s not much that they won’t do

But tonight they’re in God’s country where the crops of barley wave
Though he’s not watching closely so they might just misbehave
While their fun is not restricted, they can dance and yarn and sing
With tomorrow to recover, we’ll see just what the dawn will bring

They can slip down to the coastline and catch a fish or two,
Or just marvel at our scenery as so many tend to do
Or they might just rest and yarn and eat, I guess it just depends
But they can’t go wrong no matter what, ‘cause they’re here among their friends

Jeff Cook, Minlaton SA 5575