Puppy Springs, Tintinara – 17-18 July 2021

7 Vehicles participated in the weekend at Puppy Springs.  The weather was not great, rain and windy!  As the camping area is not large at Puppy Springs, three couples (Trevor & Barb B, Peter & Rob P, Wendy & Greg M) decided to camp at Geranium so they could enjoy electricity.  The other 4 vehicles (Jim & Michele C, Bruce C, Mark P & Kaye M, John & Liz W) camped at Puppy Springs. It is a very pretty campground nestled in the Malley scrub, approximately 30km from Geranium.  The campsite has a flushing toilet, shower (unfortunately it was awaiting repair and out of action for our weekend), big shelter shed with kitchen sink and the owner provided lots of firewood for our use.

All gathered at the campsite 9:30am Saturday, excited to drive some new tracks.  We headed across the road to where most of the tracks are.  On the first large sand hill, Peter P got up on his 2nd attempt, Greg M also got up on his 2nd attempt, Bruce C on his 3rd attempt and then Mark P nearly got up.  But, as the track was deteriorating, it was decided to find other tracks to try. 

Lots of fun was had by all exploring.  We then stopped in a cleared area to run through some  recovery gear.  Once Trevor managed to bog his vehicle, a Max-Trax retrieval was demonstrated.  We were also shown how handy a Hi-Lift Jack can be and how to use it correctly and safely.

After lunch, Trevor B did a “show and tell” of his safety and recovery gear he carries in the rear of his vehicle.  We then went back out on the  tracks again.  Trevor managed to find a VERY NARROW track which resulted in side panel damage on his vehicle and then removed his side awning!  Back to camp at 4:30pm in time for the Puppy Springs     campers to enjoy a beautiful calm night by the campfire.

A 9:00am start on Sunday morning – with a snatch recovery demonstration followed by a winch demonstration.  Then alternate partners (with a Trainer alongside) had a chance to drive.  All was going calm and steady until Peter P directed Wendy up the BIG sand dune from the day before.  She did very well learning to “brake – throttle modulation” while reversing!  After a 2nd attempt, it was decided to find other tracks – once again!

Back to camp for lunch, pack down and head home.